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Integrity Hearing Aids
There are different hearing aid technologies and styles for different lifestyles. Whether you want to be able to enjoy the conversation at the dinner table, listen to music, or carry on a conversation while you are exercising, Integrity Hearing Services has a solution for you.

Integrity Platinum (P)
Perfect for active people who encounter different types of background noise and more difficult listening situations. Our platinum hearing aids provide a variety of high-tech features.

Integrity Gold (G)
Maybe you would prefer manual control of certain hearing aid features. Our gold hearing aids are suitable if you occasionally face challenging listening situations.

Integrity Silver (S)
If you’re involved in mostly one-on-one conversations and less challenging listening situations, our silver hearing aids can provide you with a reliable hearing solution at a friendly price point.

Integrity Hearing Aid Features

• HD Directionality & HD Bandwidth
• Automatic Focus 360° (Directional Mic)
• Sound Radiance
• HD Mic
• 2c Feedback Preventer
• 2c Automatic Noise Reduction
• Wireless Assistant
• Smart Automatic Environment Manager
• Telecoil/Autophone
• Plus many more features!
• Please contact us for a complete list of hearing aid features.