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Enhancing Your Patients Lifestyle
When you ad the hearing component with Integrity Hearing to your practice you are providing patient care for dual sensory wellness, vision and hearing. This is part of a bigger picture that your patients will certainly appreciate of a better, healthier lifestyle where their senses are enhanced. Additionally your practice will be able to participate in a new revenue line for better overall growth.

The 2 Most Important Senses
It is commonly recognized that vision and hearing are your 2 most important senses. You can combine the power of helping people achieve visual freedom and the ability to hear better at the same time. Your patients will appreciate the efficiency you are providing them. Unfortunately, both vision and hearing tend to fail as we age. A majority of older adults haven’t had a hearing test in decades and are unaware of the hearing loss they are currently experiencing. Catching changes early can save or help preserve hearing – just as it does with vision.

What are are benefits of adding a hearing program to my ophthalmology practice?

• Efficiency for patients to be treated in one place with doctors they trust.
• Hearing will constitute a new revenue line that will play a role in filling the gap with decreasing reimbursements.
• Your practice will be treating the same demographic for cataract surgery so you use Internal marketing and draw on your existing patient database.
• Hearing can be a patient retention vehicle to bring back lost patients and re-engage them for other services.
• Adding hearing has a low cost of market entry